John Amatt

John Amatt - Educator - Speaker

For over 30 years, John Amatt has led expeditions to remote regions of Northern Norway, Peru, Nepal, China, Greenland and has explored areas of the Arctic on six occasions, making many first ascents of previously unclimbed peaks. ... Click for more.

Dr Lillian Arleque

Dr Lillian Arleque - Motivational Speaker

Dr. Lillian Arleque is a nationally-known motivational speaker and seminar leader. She has provided numerous presentations on personal and professional growth to people in all walks of life since 1990. A lifelong practioner and ad... Click for more.

Arden Bercovitz

Arden Bercovitz - Author

Do your people want to explore and expand their creativity? Does your organization want its people to learn new ways of thinking?

Using Albert Einstein as his paradigm shifter, Arden Bercovitz presents creativity as only Einstei... Click for more.

Norm Bossio

Norm Bossio - Speaker

Norm Bossio is an independent management consultant, trainer, andpublic speaker who provides technical assistance and training in a wide variety of management areas throughout the private and public sectors. Prior to founding Norm... Click for more.

Nancy Hunter Denney

Nancy Hunter Denney - Speaker

Nancy Hunter Denney is a nationally recognized keynote speaker and leadership trainer. She has appeared on numerous radio and television morning shows including ABC and NBC in Chicago discussing her life improvement strategies. Re... Click for more.

BJ Hickman

BJ Hickman - Magician

BJ Hickman is a full-time professional magician who produces and performs audience participation magic shows for associations, corporations, child-care facilities, schools, festivals, arts centers and libraries. His school assembl... Click for more.

William Martin

William Martin - Best Selling Novelist

William Martin is the recipient of the 2005 New England Book Award for Fiction, given by the New England Booksellers Association to an author "whose body of work stands as a significant contribution to the literature of the r... Click for more.

Lorraine Monroe

Lorraine Monroe - Speaker

LORRAINE MONROE founded the Frederick Douglass Academy in Harlem, a remarkably successful and innovative public school, and became one of the most respected education reformers in America. She is the President and CEO of the Lorra... Click for more.

The Passing Zone

The Passing Zone - Entertainers - Jugglers

Take two guys with chainsaws, throw in a Garden Weasel, and what do you get? Well, it's kind of hard to explain. But they're called The Passing Zone, and they'll amaze you. And make you laugh.... Click for more.