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Dr Wilbert Skeeter McClure Speaker

Dr. McClure has spoken at over a thousand meetings and conferences. He has been featured in stories in the New York Times, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, Parade Magazine, The London Times, Detroit News and Free Press, Boston Globe, and Boston Herald, among others. A Guest on countless radio and TV shows including the ABC Evening News.

A nationally-known consultant, Dr. McClure is president of his management training, consulting and executive coaching firm. For over 24 years, he has successfully delivered training in Listening Skills, Leadership, Communication Skills, Team-Building, Stress Management, and Cultural Diversity to companies and other organizations across the country. Among his clients have been the National Basketball Association, Liberty Mutual Insurance, the United States Navy, Arkwright Insurance, City of Boston just to name a few.

As "Skeeter" McClure, he compiled the best amateur boxing record in the world as the only boxer to win EVERY national and international championship of importance, back-to-back, without defeat, in a three-year period. Despite frequently being scared to death, "Skeeter" was a 2-times National Golden Gloves Champion, 2-times National MU Champion, a Pan American Games Champion, and in 1960, he capped off his brilliant career by winning a Gold Medal in the Rome Olympics! (His teammate, Muhammad Ali, was green with envy.)

Finally, in the one hundred years of the modem Olympic Games, "Skeeter" McClure is the only Olympic Games Boxing Gold Medalist to earn a PhD.

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